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  • MA100188.001
Minimum Sipariş Adedi 1 adettir Ürün İtalyada üretilmektedir ve ithalat süresi tahmini 3-6...daha fazla bilgi

Minimum Sipariş Adedi 1 adettir

Ürün İtalyada üretilmektedir ve ithalat süresi tahmini 3-6 aydır.



All machines particularly specified for workings of material with round sections are part of this series.

The eight models in the SERIE FSA allow a huge range to be covered, both for the thread section and also and above all the ring diameter that can be worked on, reaching as far as 1.600 mm in diameter, even if in some cases with special applications a 2.200 mm diameter has been reached !

Some models are equipped with the "mechanic-electronic" welding group, of our conception and production. The distinguishing feature of this group lies in the fact that the pressing and squeezing movements are controlled by electronic axes, therefore making possible miniscule adjustments that would be impossible to achieve with standard systems.

With the introduction of the FSA 530 HS and FSA 850 HS models in 2012 - where HS means "high speed" - OMAS has raised the state of the art even higher for what concerns hourly productivity and welding point precision.

If necessary all the series models, except for the FSAB1/2X model, can be integrated with manipulators or anthropomorphic robots transforming the machines in fact into genuine work centres capable of further product workings.

 Wire/StripRing Dia.Welding*Transf.
FSAB1/2X 1,00/4,00 15-300 DS NP
FSAB4/2X 1,50/8,00 25-600 DS-T-P-I si
FSAB4/4X MecaTronic 1,50/7,00 25-600 DS-E-T-P-I si
FSAB4/3X 1,50/8,00 70-900 DS-E-T-P-I si
FSAB4/SX 3,00/10,00 90-1200 DS-T-P-I si
FSAB5/SX 3,00/15,00 120-1600 DS-T-P-I si
FSA 530 HS 1,80/5,00 75-305 DS-E-P-I si
FSA 850 HS 3,00/8,00 100-500 DS-E-I si
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