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  • MA100037.001
Flat grinding machine model FS 386 Characteristics of the flat grinding...daha fazla bilgi

Flat grinding machine model FS 386

Characteristics of the flat grinding machines  model FS 386

  • Workpiece dimension: width 150 mm x height 150 mm and any length
  • Special conveyors for parts which are not flat like door plates
  • Belt grinding main drive 7.5 kW / 10 HP
  • Pressure controlled grinding head for constant stock removal
  • Belt tension by adjustable pneumatic cylinder
  • Belt dimension 150 mm wide by 2500 mm length
  • Workpiece transport by frequency driven belt conveyor
  • Infeed and Outfeed by roller guide
  • Optional handling system with return conveyor for automated operation
  • Buffing stations with angle adjustment
  • Buffing pressure controlled with wear compensation
  • Wax system with solid or liquid compound feeder


Surface improvement and conditioning for: plating, descaling, decorative grinding, finishing, linishing, degreasing, cleaning, calibrating, deburring, satin finishing, brushing, polishing, mirror finishing, superfinishing, microfinishing, steel finishing, Metal polishing, Tube and bar polishing, removing defects, edge rounding, leveling, decor finish, precision cutting, slag grinding

Workpiece and parts:

Strip, tubes, squares and profiles for furniture industry, decorative stainless, shop interior, engine components, sinter parts, punched, laser cutting, sheet metal, stamping, discus ground parts, sinter metal, textile parts, ceramic parts,


The belt grinding machines can be equipped with 4 stations in one cabinet. Multihead machines with 8 are configured with 4+4. The system is fully modular and easy to upgrade with additional stations to grow with future needs of our customers.

Enclosed versions with noise, water and dust proof cabinets maximize operating comfort and easily comply with highest safety standards. Dry versions and low cost open design versions are available also.

Manual up to fully automatic adjusting systems to customers product sizes minimize the setup time loss and maximize the production and profit.

Fist class components - all spindles, screws and bolts are stainless steel. This guarantees maximum life time of products. Optional features like complete belt station in stainless, drying stations, camera part detection, surface checking, wear compensation and more is available.

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