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  • MA100035.001
Centerless contact grinding machine (磨床) model KS 100 Configuration of the...daha fazla bilgi

Centerless contact grinding machine (磨床) model KS 100

Configuration of the centerless contact grinding machines (磨床) KS 100

  • This centerless grinding machine is for dry operation
  • It is designed with the patented Loeser / Niederberger PFS 3 roll belt tracking system
  • Workpiece diameter 6 - 60 mm - Modell KS 100 BC
  • Workpiece diameter 6 - 120 mm - Modell KS 100 BA
  • Workpiece diameter 80 - 250 mm - Modell KS 100 BA Special
  • Grinding Motor 4 kW
  • Belt dimension width 5 - 100 mm x Lenght 3500 - 4.000 mm
  • Workpiece transport by V guide or simple roller guide
  • Belt cutting speed 18,5 and 37 m/sec.
  • Motor with two speed selector
  • Soft start optional
  • Buffing attachement ptional
  • Adjustable belt guard
  • Centerless grinding attachement removeable
  • This way many applications can be polished
  • or deburred with the multiple attachements
  • that are offered seperate
  • See the literature for more info


Surface improvement and conditioning for : plating, descaling, decorative grinding, finishing, linishing, degreasing, cleaning, calibrating, deburring, satin finishing, brushing, polishing, mirror finishing, superfinishing, microfinishing, steel finishing, Metal polishing, Tube and bar polishing, removing defects, edge rounding, levelling, decor finish, precision cutting, slaggrinding

Workpiece and parts:

tubes, bars, pipe, profiles for furniture industry, decorative stainless, shop interior, engine components, axles, precision engine parts, paper tubes, fiber and kevlar tubes, golf shafts, stainless tube, heat element, door handle, peeled bar, hydraulic cylinder rod, telescopic cylinders, chrome bar, steel bar, boiler tube, rods


Anwendungsmöglichkeiten fuer Freibandschleifen, mit Auflagetisch, mit AC Vorschub, mit Frequenzumwandler, mit Kontaktschuh und Winkeltisch

he superior 3-roller system guarantees uniform, optimum belt speed for any contact wheel diameter. abrasive belts are 3 to 4 m long.

hat means:

the belt pulled by the drive wheel, always stays taut at the piont of grinding. it cuts better than on other machines with the same size drive motor. the loeser three-wheel-system compared with traditional two-wheel machines requires 30% less motor power. drive wheels with diameters of 100 to 280 mm guarantee the correct belt speed for a specific workpiece. from 11 to 42 m/sec. irrespective of the diameter of the contact wheel.

for work with scotch-brite wheels or belts or felt polishing belts, an infinitely variable speed drvie from as low as 3 m/sec. is available.

with contact wheels from 50 to 400 mm Ø, contact rolls between 15 and 50 mm Ø, contact belts 6 mm and 30 mm wide, polishing brushes, polishing wheels

and polishing belts, the advantages of the three-wheel system mean that any surface finish is possible.

a range of technically perfected grinding attachments make grinding - even the most difficult pat - relatively easy.

with the grinding attachments, unskilled operators can carry out the work of specialists. loeser abrasive belt grinding machines open up new applications for workpieces which previously could not be finished with belts.