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  • MA100034.001
Centerless grinding machine model RPS 377 Characteristics of the centerless...daha fazla bilgi

Centerless grinding machine model RPS 377

Characteristics of the centerless grinding machine model RPS 377

  • Diameter Range up to 500 mm
  • Belt grinding motor 11 kW bis 22 kW / 15 HP to 30 HP
  • Belt dimension 150 mm or 200 mm wide x 3500 mm length
  • Heavy duty roller guides for solid bars up to 250 mm and over 1 metric ton in weight
  • Patented pressure controlled grinding and polishing heads from top
  • Angle adjustable buffing heads with automatic wear compensation


Mainly in steel works for surface improvements prior to plating, descaling, deburring, superfinishing, finishing for surface checking by ultrasonic, removing surface defects, decorative grinding and polishing, microfinish surface, satin finishing, chrome finishing, steel finishing, Metal polishing, Tube and bar polishing, improving corrosion resistance, removing of coatings ...


Tubes, bars, pipe, profiles for furniture industry, decorative stainless, shop interior, engine components, axles, precision engine parts, paper tubes, fiber and kevlar tubes, golf shafts, stainless tube, heat element, door handle, peeled bar, hydraulic cylinder rod, telescopic cylinders, chrome bar, steel bar, boiler tube, rods ...

9 Station belt grinding and wheel finishing for bars prior to chrome plating. The largest producers worldwide for chrome bar "URANIE" works only with "Loeser pressure controlled" grinding and finishing machines. Superfinish head "SF102 Double" for additional honing effect on the surface available.

Final mirror finish with a special wheel can create surface finishes as low as Ra 0,06µm.


The RPS 377 Heavy Duty versions are specially designed for work piece up to 2,5 metric tons weight. Heavy duty load and unload systems designed to the load capacity suit the automated operations.


Extra large diameter capability for tubes up to 500 mm in diameter can be polsihed centerless. Stainless steel tubes as well as large rolls can be handled.


An additional special feature is the possibility to grind in both directions. Clockwise and in reverse direction.


Special sensitive stations with precisely controlled pressure are used for paper tubes and cardboard, composites, thin wall tube, sleeves and rolls of special kind.

Material handling system can be equipped with a return conveyor and in connection with other automated systems to reduce the effort for handling large and heavy workpieces.

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